About Us

Transition planning from pediatric to adult care ideally takes place between ages 14 and 21.

Why Got Transition?

Responding to the Need for Health Care Transition

Got Transition and the Center for Health Care Transition Improvement aim to advance access to effective transition support from pediatric to adult health care for all youth, including those with special needs.   

Why This? Why Now?

Less than half of US youth with special health care needs receive the health care transition supports and services they need, according to the 2009-10 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs.

Youth who are minorities, who have mental health and developmental conditions, and who have disabling chronic conditions are disproportionately represented among those without adequate transition support.  

Got Transition will facilitate the implementation and dissemination of health care transition best practices in pediatric and adult medical homes and specialty settings. 

Got Transition is supported by a cooperative agreement between the US Maternal and Child Bureau/HRSA and the The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health.